Who Should See an Internist? Partners in Your Care

Do you have high cholesterol? Did your last check up reveal high blood pressure? If so, you need a doctor who can help monitor and treat these chronic conditions. 

But which doctor would be the right one for your needs?

It’s at times like these that our internal medicine physicians in Cary are perfect partners for your healthcare. Who should see an internist? We’ll walk you through some questions that will help you determine if it’s the right path for you.

As partners in your care, we want you to know our internal medicine physicians in Cary are uniquely qualified to help you, whether you’re struggling with several chronic conditions or seasonal allergies. We’ve served our community for 50 years, and we’d welcome the opportunity to be your provider of choice. Contact us for an appointment.

How Do I Know If An Internist Is Right for Me?

What Is An Internal Medicine Specialist?

Before we begin to determine if an internal medicine specialist is the right choice for you, it’s important to first understand what they do.

A physician specializing in internal medicine, also called an internist, has a keen understanding of how all the systems of the body operate together. They realize that a problem in one area can lead to complications in another. This places them in the perfect position to help patients with diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol or even allergies.   Internists focus only on adult patients, ages 18 and up, which allows them to focus on both wellness and preventative plans as well as chronic disease management.

Because internists have a wide scope of experience, they’re also vital members of your healthcare team for helping you manage several chronic diseases. 

Who Should See an Internist (and Is It the Right Choice for You)?

To help, we’ve created a series of questions to consider.

Do you have complex health issues?

It’s about much more than having high cholesterol. It may be a situation where you have high cholesterol in addition to diabetes, high blood pressure, and chronic sinus infections. If you’re struggling to manage more than one chronic health condition, an internist is the perfect partner to make sure you’re getting the care you need.

Do you need easy access to a team of specialists?

Internal medicine physicians provide seamless referrals to specialists if you need them. For example, they may refer you to a gastroenterologist if you need to have a colonoscopy or to a cardiologist if heart monitoring has indicated a problem. 

Do you want a doctor who will be your partner in care throughout your life?

At Cary Medical Group, we believe in establishing long-term relationships with our patients. In fact, seeing our patients overcome health challenges is one of the most rewarding aspects of what we do. 

Are you concerned about preventative care?

You know you should exercise more, and yes, you’re well aware that you need to check the nutritional labels on foods more carefully, but who has time to process all that information? 

Internists can help you with preventative care, outlining a simple and reasonable plan of care and providing lifestyle counseling to ensure you’re living the healthiest life possible. 

At Cary Medical Group, we’re proud to have Nicole Matala, our registered dietitian, on staff. She’ll help you develop eating strategies that show you don’t have to sacrifice flavor and fun for a healthy meal. 

Do you need regular wellness exams?

Annual checkups, including Pap smears, prostate screenings and other exams are vital to your health. If you are looking for a physician to perform these, an internist is a natural choice.

Did You Answer “Yes” to Any of These? Then an Internist at Cary Medical Group Is the Right Choice for You

With so many medical specialties, it’s challenging to determine who to see or who should see an internist. Our internal medicine physicians in Cary can get a complete picture of your overall health, which places us in the perfect position to help you. 

We’re also taking new patients! Looking for a long-term partner in your care? Schedule an appointment today.