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Nicole Matala | Dietitian in Cary NC


Providing Personalized Healthcare for Life

The primary care physicians at Cary Medical Group are dedicated to quality health care for adults. We are an independent practice utilizing a team approach with a professional staff. For each of our patients we provide compassionate, confidential, scientifically based and cost-effective care. We partner with our patients to enhance and maintain their quality of life.

Our internal medicine doctors maintain an ongoing quality certification with the American Heart Association, American Stroke Association and the National Committee on Quality Assurance for achievement in the delivery of quality cardiovascular and stroke care. This award is given for successful achievement of multiple benchmarks necessary for the prevention and management of cardiovascular disease. They also maintain quality certification by the American Diabetes Association and the National Committee for Quality Assurance in the achievement of delivering quality diabetic care.

What Is a Medical Internist?

An internist is a physician who specializes in internal medicine, which focuses on treating a wide range of medical conditions that affect the whole body. Because internists are often called upon to solve some of the most difficult medical puzzles, they are sometimes called the “doctor’s doctor.” This expertise means they often act as consultants to help solve perplexing diagnostic problems, particularly in situations where several different illnesses may occur at the same time. Each of our wellness doctors at Cary Medical Group has completed a training program at a well-recognized medical institution and is certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine.

Many adults use internists as their primary care physicians because these doctors are familiar with a wide range of medical conditions and are also dedicated to wellness and preventative medicine. Internists may provide services related to common problems of the eyes, earns, skin, nervous system, reproductive organs, and they can help patients manage severe chronic illnesses. They may also specialize in women’s health, substance abuse treatment, and mental health.

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